headshot of Maile Allen

Maile Allen discovered her love for stories as a young child between the pages of a large variety of books she acquired at local bookstores and libraries. Writing quickly became her way of making sense of the world, and she cannot remember a time where she was not absorbing stories and making up her own. She considers storytelling humankind’s greatest accomplishment, followed closely by the invention of the zippered hoodie. She is #TeamOxfordComma for life.

A Type-A ambivert who aspires to be Type-B, she doubts she could ever live without her cherished checklists but finds herself daydreaming sunup to sundown. She is often described as a social butterfly with a tendency to talk a lot, but if you feed her (she’s not picky!), she will be quiet and tuck into the deliciousness.

Maile holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film from Eastern Washington University. She currently works in marketing and freelances as a copywriter.

A lifelong Washingtonian, Maile currently resides in Tacoma with her husband, daughters, cats, and a plague of stick-bugs. She dreams of living in a cabin on an isolated mountain lake someday.

Oh yeah – it’s pronounced, “Molly.” Maile’s mom found the name in a fictional book she was reading. Her dad simply rolled with it. And that environment – a home with parents who both had and allowed space for imagination – is what Maile attributes her creativity to.

Well, that, and being repeatedly exposed to Fawlty Towers as a young child.


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